Tennant 5700 Industrial-Strength Floor Scrubber

Tennant 5700 Industrial-Strength Floor Scrubber

Excellent cleaning performance and worry-free operation from the benchmark for industrial scrubbers.

  • Up to 24,000 sq. ft. per hour
  • Outstanding cleaning performance from aggressive scrubbing system delivering up to 300 lbs of down pressure
  • Maximized machine longevity from industry-leading engineering and industrial-grade construction
  • Just-scrubbed floors are clean, dry and safe for traffic in seconds with ec-H2O™ or FaST® technology


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The industrial-grade, heavy-duty 5700 sets the standard for walk-behind scrubbers, providing consistent, quality cleaning results even in the harshest environments.

Rugged, industrial-strength durability

Aluminum squeegee assembly and scrub heads, shock-absorbing frame, and durable polyethylene construction enable the 5700 to withstand severe cleaning challenges.

OUTSTANDING performance from aggressive scrubbing systems

Up to 300 lbs of down pressure, optional cylindrical scrubheads, and heavy-duty motor options provide the scrubbing strength to meet the highest cleaning standards.


Increase cleanliness with ec-H2O™ technology or FaST® Foam Scrubbing Technology. The 5700 uses up to 70% less water with both technologies. ec-H2O uses no detergent. FaST Foam Scrubbing Technology uses up to 90% less detergent than traditional scrubbers.

Flexibility and Versatility

Choose from three path widths, along with an optional off-aisle power wand for greater reach. An optional dual vac picks up bulky, tough soils found in industrial facilities.

Maximum uptime for years of worry-free operation

Superior engineering, proven results and exclusive 10/3/3 warranty mean you can count on the 5700 to clean day after day.

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Phone 1-855-245-0497
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