Tennant S20 Mid-sized Rider Sweeper

Tennant S20 Mid-sized Rider Sweeper

  • Up to 70,000 sq. ft. per hour
  • Free on-site training
  • Deliver unrivaled sweeping performance and dry dust control with 3-stage SweepSmart™ system
  • Clean indoors and out, without compromising performance
  • Improve operator safety with low 80 dBA noise rating and innovative cab forward design


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The quietest, most productive indoor/outdoor sweeper available.

Engineered for reliable, industrial-strength sweeping, the Tennant S20 rider sweeper improves indoor and outdoor performance, significantly reduces sound levels and features the exclusive SweepSmart™ dust control system.

Significantly improve air quality

Create cleaner air while delivering better sweeping results with the SweepSmart™ dust control system. This 3-stage system filters sub-micron dust particles to a MERV 13 rating on the ASHRAE 20 point scale, resulting in near HEPA levels.

Unrivalled sweeping performance

Easily pick-up everything from fine grains of sand to light debris on almost any terrain or floor surface. The Tennant S20 offers true indoor/outdoor flexibility while delivering exceptional cleaning results.

Unparalleled safety

Focusing on safety, the Tennant S20 provides better operator sightlines, reduced noise levels, and easy operation. This is achieved with a cab forward design, key material and system improvements, and recognized by Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL®) stamp of approval.

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Phone 1-855-245-0497
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